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"Project-Lit-Relaunch the Library"

High School Media Director Colleen Henson won the "Project-Lit-Relaunch the Library" Innovational Grant Award.

This is essentially a book club for high school students. McGregor High School Students will be able to pick their own books, work in groups and reignite their love for books and reading. Project Lit is student led book club with the goal of engaging students to read. Project Lit was created in 2016 with over 1700 schools participating in the program. It is a national literacy movement where the educators and students get to diversify and promote the type of books they want to read.

We have already seen amazing things come out of this program and it launched soon after awarded. Please scroll through our blogs to see updates Ms. Henson has provided.

Colleen Henson pictured above. (Ms. Henson runs the Media Center at the High School, and she is the Director of the "Golden Flames".)

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