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Meet Terry Arp, President of MISDEF

Below is a letter from our President, Terry Arp and why he serves on the Board of Directors of the McGregor ISD Education Foundation.

If McGregor is going to continue to grow, thrive, and give young people a reason to stay and raise their families here, it all starts with our school system. As a long time McGregor business owner I see how intertwined economic development, new home starts, and a quality education become. For years I have said small towns in Texas live and die by the reputation of their schools. You can rest assured our McGregor schools are in stiff competition with other fine school systems when people are choosing a place to call home.

Our schools receive money from the state, the federal government, and local tax payers and there are many restrictions on how a very high percentage of this money can be used. The McGregor ISD Education Foundation raises money for student, classroom, and staff development. Our foundation is a separate entity from the school and there are very few restriction on how we can use this money to improve our schools.

I volunteer time to the Foundation to keep our schools delivering a high quality education so McGregor will continue to thrive.


Terry Arp

President of McGregor ISD Education Foundation

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