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"Instrumental Music Enrichment Program"

Meet Innovational Grant winners Tim Grace and Rebecca Kroll. They were awarded a grant for "Instrumental Music Enrichment Program".

This program allows one on one sessions for the students in band. They're engaged individually and trained in a personal session to perfect their musical instrument. This will benefit Jr. High and High School Band members.

Here are some things that band excelled in this year according to our most recent Growl by James Lenamon:

Junior High Band

7th Grade Sweepstakes

8th Grade Sweepstakes

High School Band

High School Sweepstakes

61 Solo & Ensemble Medals / 25 State Qualifiers

14 All-Region Bandsmen / 12 Area Qualifiers / 5 State Qualifiers

The McGregor Band Program is amazing and we are very proud to be able to award this grant.

Pictured above is Tim Grace, Band Director for McGregor ISD Band.

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