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Immersive Learning Through Clevertouch

Jennifer Millsap is the Digital Learning Specialist/Instructional Technologist for McGregor High School and McGregor Junior High. She was awarded $5,000 for the McGregor High School and $5,000 to the McGregor Junior High. This is her third year applying for the Clevertouch grants. In the past three years she has been awarded $15,000 for the McGregor Junior High and $15,000 for the McGregor Clevertouch initiative. This is a total 12 Clevertouch TVs for the two schools. Thank you Jennifer Millsap for your dedication to Innovative Classroom Grants.

Congratulations Jennifer Millsap!

Pictured above left to right: (Gretta Fisk, Becky Clarkson, Terry Arp, Jennifer Millsap, Ericka Ruiz, April Darlington and Christy Leos.

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