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From our Secretary Debbie Pollei

The McGregor ISD Education Foundation is so important because it supports our students, teachers, and our community. When that happens, we all benefit. The pandemic has been a huge challenge for everyone, but it has had a major impact on public education. It may take years for students to recover and get back on tract academically. Through contributing and supporting our local education foundation, teachers have the opportunity to receive the tools they need so desperately to get their students to not only compete in our complicated and ever changing world, but to thrive and succeed.

The Foundation realizes that citizens and companies pay school taxes, but these monies are earmarked for the day to day costs to get the school doors open, have a teacher in the classroom, and keeping your child safe and comfortable in order to learn. Foundation grants provide money to help with innovative teaching practices, creative activities for student development, and motivative practices for staff development.

When asked to donate realize that the money you give, no matter how small the amount, has a tremendous effect on our community as a whole. ~Debbie Pollei

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