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"Sweet Reads"!

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Today I had the pleasure of meeting with Mrs. Lenamon the McGregor Elementary School's Librarian. She applied for and was awarded a grant called "Sweet Reads". If I am being honest, my inner child was excited when I saw this book vending machine. As I walked into the cafeteria, there it is in all of its wonder. One can only imagine the excitement for a child standing there getting to pick out a crisp new book.

This is the coolest idea! Most children are not familiar with book stores and the McGregor ISD Elementary, brought the book store to the school. Children are able to obtain tokens for good behavior. Mrs. Lenamon said, "if we see kids getting good test grades, picking up trash, being kind or going the extra mile we can award them a token". I am sure this is going to encourage good behavior, a love for reading and keep a spark alive for avid readers. Great job Mrs. Lenamon, this is what our innovative grant program is all about.

This is just one of the 21 grants that McGregor ISD Education Foundation awarded in the Spring of 2020. Our Grant Applications have reopened for the Spring of 2021. For more information on McGregor ISD Education Foundation please subscribe to our blog.

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