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Clevertouch Technology

Melissa Marshall, the McGregor Primary and Elementary School Instructional Technologist was awarded a grant called "Clevertouch Technology". The Clevertouch Technology at first glance looks like a typical TV. Once turned on it looks like a smart tablet. The educational and engagement capabilities are endless with the Clevertouch.

"This Clevertouch is located in the library where all students have access to it. The student in the picture is using the whiteboard feature. We are so fortunate to have a Clevertouch so students have the chance to show their creativity. I love to walk by the library and see what fun activity the students are doing." ~Melissa Marshall, Instructional Technologist

The money that is donated to the McGregor ISD Education Foundation helps fund innovative grants just like this Clevertouch. To learn more about McGregor ISD Education Foundation and grants awarded please subscribe to our weekly blog or contact Kristen Koch at

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