Keeping up with MISDEF

There's always something going on at MISDEF. We host fundraisers and events throughout the year, announce foundation news, and are constantly looking for ways to give back in our community.


Project Lit Update

Ms. Henson emailed me an update at the beginning of May and I am very excited to share this with you. The McGregor ISD Education...

Holiday Hustle 5k

Mark your calendar for our first ever "Holiday Hustle". The McGregor Education Foundation is excited to host our first 5k ever. The...

Project Lit

I had the pleasure to meet with Colleen Henson. Ms. Henson is in charge of the McGregor High School's Media Center. She applied for her...

Clevertouch Technology

Melissa Marshall, the McGregor Primary and Elementary School Instructional Technologist was awarded a grant called "Clevertouch...

"Sweet Reads"!

Today I had the pleasure of meeting with Mrs. Lenamon the McGregor Elementary School's Librarian. She applied for and was awarded a...



Kristen Koch, MISDEF Director

Kristen Koch is the Executive Director of the McGregor Independent School District Education Foundation. 

She combines her background in grants and fundraising with her love of the McGregor community to help serve MISDEF in a variety of ways.

She lives in the school district with her husband and three students.

If you would like to write a guest blog post for MISDEF, or have suggestions for future blog posts, please contact us!

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